We are assembling a judging team made of two Internationally Known Underwater Photographers and One Retired and Experienced Maltese Underwater Photographer.

The Judging Team will be judging without knowing who actually shot the photos due to an anonymising procedure to ensure the best transparency possible. Results from the judging (without identifying the particular judge's name in voting) will be published on the website after the results are announced.


Mr. Christian Llewellyn

The Judges will be headed by Mr. Christian Llewellyn who also headed the BDOM 2017 competition judging team.

Christian started diving in the early 90's and in 2004 became a Scuba Diving Instructor who specialised in Wreck Diving, during which he also nurtured his love for Underwater Photography, later becoming an Underwater Photojournalist writing and shooting for various print & online magazines. his photographs have appeared in multiple publications and in recent years he has recruited to his Facebook groups "Wrecks of the World" and other sister groups which have thousands of followers and participants.

Head of Judging team  - Mr. Christian LLewellyn


 Ms. Audrey Cudel

Audrey Cudel is a Technical Diving Instructor & Underwater Photographer living in Malta, originally from France. After 25 years of diving and 10 years of active teaching, she became specialised in Sidemount, Technical Sidemount and cave diving training.

Her other passion is underwater photography and video: she is a very talented photographer that is very well know in the technical diving field for her unique style of shooting training sessions when not shooting and guiding. Her work has been published in different magazines and is often used by SDI/TDI to support the organisation materials and events ('Boot' show, 'Mission Tech', ...).

In addition to her work as a technical diving instructor, Audrey has worked as a safety diver on a number of technical diving events such as deep diving record attempts involving:

  • Pascal Bernabe (former world deepest dive record holder at 330 meters), assisting him as well during his training sessions for deep trimix courses,-
  • underwater cameraman/directors' safety for Rene Heuzey (movie 'Oceans', series Blue Planet II) for the '330 Meters Below the Sea' documentary
  • safety diver for the French television program 'L'Echappee Belle' documenting the Underwater Mayan World through the eye of David Mayor.

She is located in Malta from March to end October, in winter she is teaching courses around the world.



Mr. Tano Vassallo

Mr. Tano Vassallo used to be a underwater photographer in the time when a BCD was not existing and seeing your photos needed to be done after processing in a dark room and most participants to this competition were still kids. Mr. Vassallo competed in past BDOMs in the 90's and although retired from diving, he is still a professional photographer with his own studio.