Whilst we understand everyone may be hyped up to try to get the winning shots, as you may see from the rules, there is a strong emphasis on SAFETY.

The organisers will also do their part. The following are a few measures:

  • Drinking water will be available on site at all times
  • Risk Assessments done for each site
  • Weather will be the factor deciding choice of site
  • Participants to provide Diving Certification (2*CMAS, Advanced Open Water, Sport diver and equivalent & a medical specifying participant is fit for diving
  • Detailed Dive briefings before competition dives
  • Checkin-Checkout procedure for each participant
  • On shore assistance for carrying kits/cameras.
  • First Aiders on Shore with Ambulance on standby
  • Fast Response Rescue Team on the water at dive sites
  • A fully equipped & staffed Hyperbaric Chamber is located within a few kilometres from dive site, this is available 24x7x365