The Maltese Archipelago is, in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is a very well travelled Diving Destination for Divers from Europe and from many other continents. 

Its easily accessible shore diving sites, multitude of wrecks and less crownded multiple boat diving sites ensure that in a week's holiday, you will have plenty to choose from. Beginners to Advanced Technical Diving can be accomodated and whilst you're here, why not expand your skills?

Whilst to the casual eye the Mediterranean might not boast the richness of the red Sea, nor the big shoals of fish seen in other areas, the beauty here is the whole package. Easy dives, holiday relaxation, culture and history. It is also very family friendly location and whilst teenagers & adults might be diving, the younger kids can have some fun too in the many bays dotted around the island.

And if the weather doesn't co-operate, you can easily shift the plan to another site or do something else without too much planning & logistics. Health wise, the islands boast a fully developed Public health system and the two Hyperbaric chambers can be reached within less than an hour from most places.

We invite you to see more about local diving sites and a good start is or

Whilst you're settling in or preparing to fly out, Malta & Gozo offer a lot of other things to do, all within easy reach. Take virtual tours in Google Arts & Culture or access the main tourism sites at Visit Malta & Gozo